woman drinking glass of clear refreshing water to represent workplace wellnessWorkplace Wellness

The best way to build a productive team within any company is promoting a healthy lifestyle among its employees.  In fact, many insurance carriers invest heavily in research and programs geared to keep their members healthy and out of the doctor’s office.  To that end, both employers and employees benefit through lower premiums and increased employee/employer satisfaction, making wellness programs great investment in your employees and a smart strategy for increasing your bottom line.

the djb group works with carriers and other partners that will help you to incorporate wellness benefits/programs at little or no cost. Then, we will work hard to help to keep your employees engaged in these programs.  In short, we help employees take accountability for their health. Accordingly, we help them understand and maxmimize their wellness benefits.  Following are examples of wellness benefits and their advantages.

  • Improve patient care and outcomes.
  • Reduce health risk with biometic screening, education and preventative measures.
  • Onsite or virtual physical fitness & nutritional classes.
  • Smoking cessation and more.
  • Improve morale and loyalty.
  • Attract and retain employees.
  • Track & report program results.